Counting down until Christmas.

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We are in the biggest countdown for December. Not the countdown until winter solstice but the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN.

The entire world knows about Christmas. Time to celebrate the birth of Christ. It seems we as a people are getting further away from the meaning of this very special day. Yes gift giving to some extent is involved as the Three Wise Men have done. They were simple but very meaningful gifts, blessed gifts. They had a purpose for the Holy family and for Jesus Himself.

Why not get a really special prayed over gift for  your Grand mother, Mom, wife, daughter, nieces, cousins, teachers ,  co-workers, neighbors, school bus drivers or friends.

The hubbub of shopping and running around is exhausting. The stores are crowded and hectic, the restaurants with waiting lines of customers, and let’s not forget about the traffic and the weather. Oh yeah! What joy it brings, ha!

 Shop from home, it’s a growing trend of the savvy consumer. My orders are shipped out asap.

 Each piece individually prayed over . Prices are lower than most stores.



33 Days left until Christmas! Omigosh! It’s coming fast now.

Wow, thirty three days until Christmas! Unbelievable isn’t it. Time just goes so fast. Are you ready?

Can you use a piece of jewelry for that special woman or little girl in your life. I can make custom bracelets and necklaces for them.  Would you like matching pieces? No problem just let me know what your choices are from my extensive inventory of beads and charms.

 Be prepared early so you can spend more time with your family and loved ones.

Would you like  to have a Home Jewelry Party? Great Hostess gifts available for having one. Bring your friends and family together to complete their shopping early. It’s a great social event, no heavy selling just light – hearted fun. Fill out contact information below to get the best dates and times.

Holy Mackerel it’s almost Christmas!

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Wow, where did the time go?? Is anyone ready yet? Are you thinking of giving jewelry as a gift? Take a look at my collection of bracelets, charm trinkets, necklaces and earrings. Pick out a great bracelet and see if you would like to have a matching necklace to go with it. I can make specialty items too. Just pick out the charms and beads you prefer and I will do the rest. Be sure to leave a comment about your visit. All items are prayed over.