Giving Thanks for everything.

This year of Thanksgiving is such a special one. Many of us have dealt with unexpected challenges. Having done that we come towards the end of a year with anticipation and thanks that we can celebrate the small hurdles and the big roadblocks with faith, family, friends and food.

Gathering everything and everyone together to eat is comforting and gives the heart ease. Everyone has something to be thankful for.

After the Thanksgiving festivities and you are thinking of how nice it was to be with your family and friends why not send them a small gift of appreciation. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or key chain, it’s a token of love and thoughtfulness.

If you prefer to gather again for a small jewelry party be sure to contact me to make arrangements as the time slots begin to fill up after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Did you want something custom made? No problem. Did you want to bundle your sale? No problem. Every item is prayed over with a prayer of blessings.

Contact me and I will talk with you about what you prefer. Just a note to inform you all that this store is closed Thanksgiving Day, all major holidays and Sundays also.

I would like to thank all of my customers for  their dedication and commitment to my products. May everyone have a Blessed and fulfilling Thanksgiving Holiday.


Cuban Night Fundraiser Tonight at Calvary Chapel

There is a fundraiser at Calvary Chapel  (www, )tonight to raise money for Cuban Missions. I will have a table there selling my jewelry and my NEW item.

Come down and look around, there will be several vendors there selling a variety of items. Cuban music playing and Hispanic foods available. It will be a fun night for a good cause. It starts at 6:30 p.m and ends at 9:30 p.m.

If you can’t make it, I realize it’s short notice, you can still order from me or consider having a home party. If you have a home party you will be eligible for a Hostess gift.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead for the upcoming Holiday season. Contact me and we’ll talk about it. I make unique items with an affordable price range.

Do you want something special? I can do that too. Pick out the pieces you want and I’ll create a personalized jewelry item just for you or a special person. Each piece has a blessing prayed over it.


Mother’s Day is fast upon us.

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It’s one of those special times of the year again. Springtime begins and Mother’s Day draws very near. Are you ready? Still sitting on a fence about preparing ahead of time for those special occasions?

Time to get off the fence and stop procrastinating. What is so wrong with being prepared? It only makes good sense. One can never go wrong with jewelry. Don’t forget each piece is prayed over, that’s an important special touch.

Special order items available with your choice of charms and beads. Bracelets and necklaces that come in a wide variety of one of a kind items are also available. For you Mom, grandmother, “other Mother’s”, aunts, god mothers whomever you prefer, all women like getting jewelry. My prices are also very fair, no hidden fees.

 I also will do parties whether at home or in the office. Do you think you want to have your own home party? Call or contact me about the details. Contact details at the bottom of this page.

Are you ready for another holiday, Easter Sunday?

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 Can you believe it? Another holiday is here. Are you ready with your new clothes, maybe getting your young daughters hats and dresses for Easter Sunday.

Add some extra special touches with matching mother daughter bracelets or necklaces. All individually made to order and prayed over.

Do you have a special relative or friend you would like to give a little gift to them when you go over their house for dinner? Consider some jewelry that’s made just for them. What a nice gift idea. There are many choices available if you prefer to buy from what we have in stock.

It’s up to you. Call or contact me with your order. All orders shipped out asap.


Counting down until Christmas.

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We are in the biggest countdown for December. Not the countdown until winter solstice but the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN.

The entire world knows about Christmas. Time to celebrate the birth of Christ. It seems we as a people are getting further away from the meaning of this very special day. Yes gift giving to some extent is involved as the Three Wise Men have done. They were simple but very meaningful gifts, blessed gifts. They had a purpose for the Holy family and for Jesus Himself.

Why not get a really special prayed over gift for  your Grand mother, Mom, wife, daughter, nieces, cousins, teachers ,  co-workers, neighbors, school bus drivers or friends.

The hubbub of shopping and running around is exhausting. The stores are crowded and hectic, the restaurants with waiting lines of customers, and let’s not forget about the traffic and the weather. Oh yeah! What joy it brings, ha!

 Shop from home, it’s a growing trend of the savvy consumer. My orders are shipped out asap.

 Each piece individually prayed over . Prices are lower than most stores.


New bracelets added for Christmas

  Cross bracelets Mother and daughter braceletsAs the weather changes along with the color of the leaves our pace usually begins to quicken at this time of year. We already know of the approaching holiday season by the inundation of commercials, store ads , in store products blurring the lines between the holidays.

Everyone remembers how much fun it was to get ready for the change of holidays. The start of school is a sure giveaway. Parents get rushed between school readiness, teacher meetings and school functions.

Into each special occasion we plummet head on. Trudging through, sometimes happy about but often times rushed.

If you know of a loved one or a friend that would appreciate  a special handcrafted, your choice of colors, gems and added charms why not start planning for that special gift. Have it ready beforehand. One less thing to worry about.

Always a good choice to have something prayed over for you or your loved ones.


59 Days til Christmas!! Are you ready?

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As the seasons visibly change and the decorations start going up in the retail stores they remind us all of the approaching holidays.

Did you place an order yet? All orders completed promptly and shipped out right away.

Shop early for Fall weddings, December engagements, birthdays and weddings.

Let’s not forget about all the upcoming parties and visiting quests for the holidays. Christmas gifts or gifts for any loved ones, friends or coworkers. 

Going to a little party at work? The jewelry is reasonably priced as a gift for your favorite coworker.

How about having an at home DIVA DARLIN  JEWELRY PARTY ?Currently taking reservations.

Call or email to make your reservations early.

Holy Mackerel it’s almost Christmas!

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Wow, where did the time go?? Is anyone ready yet? Are you thinking of giving jewelry as a gift? Take a look at my collection of bracelets, charm trinkets, necklaces and earrings. Pick out a great bracelet and see if you would like to have a matching necklace to go with it. I can make specialty items too. Just pick out the charms and beads you prefer and I will do the rest. Be sure to leave a comment about your visit. All items are prayed over.

Handmade Jewelry and what not’s


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 I  make one of a kind Christian inspired jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets for the wrists and boots.  I also make little girls Tutu’s.  I  do special one of a kind request orders. Keep in mind please that special requests are made and created by me as I feel led to create. The colors and beads, etc can be of  your choosing an extra cost might be involved depending on the types of beads and closures that are chosen.

Some of the item(s) I have for sale are not created by me, there will be a note mentioning that with the item(s).

*The holidays are drawing near, consider  an extra gift of an inspired design for a loved one, co worker or friend.