After Independence Day

After the Fourth Of July holiday we are back to our regular jobs and way of living. We all hopefully celebrated the freedoms given to us by the peoples of that special time, in the beginnings of our great country.

Remembering that God was pivotal in the very creation of all things, including our great country, we give pause and a moment of silence in appreciation for all that we have.

We at Diva Darlin Fashions and Jewelry keep a remembrance of the solemnity of that day. Thank you to all the Veterans that have put their own lives on the line to keep our country safe. Here we are after the holiday and back to our daily business of living. Let’s remember our roots, our servicemen and how really great our country is.

Diva Darlin Fashions and Jewelry has a variety of necklaces and bracelets to offer for sale. Did you want something custom, red, white and blue? Let us know we have a variety of items to choose from to make a really unique gift for you, a loved one, a housewarming gift, a thank you gift or whatever the need,  let us help you with creating that very special gift.

How about a home party? Would you like to have a few of the ladies over for a demonstration and some coffee and cake? No problem, contact me and we can set a date for a  home party.

Just a reminder, each item is prayed over individually.


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